Hyde Park Produce was originally opened in 1996 by son Larry and his father Lawrence “Yoyo” Damico, who had both worked together in the wholesale produce business for years. Yoyo had been in the produce business since he was a grade-schooler in the 1940s and Larry started to work with his dad when he was  only14 years old. In 2006, Yoyo’s nephew Ron Thomas, who’s also been in the produce business since the late 1960s, joined the partnership to help create the new, larger expanded Hyde Park Produce, which now stands where the old Co-Op used to operate.

All three partners have worked closely together for many years, even though they didn’t work at the same places. They’ve all held positions in various aspects of the produce business, especially as wholesalers. They’ve been especially close, too, since Ron’s marriage to Yoyo’s niece, Tina, where Larry was the ring bearer at their wedding when he was 4 years old. (Ask to see the picture!)

The first store grew and grew thanks to our wonderfully loyal customers who then encouraged us to move to a bigger location. With our customer’s support, and a new partnership with cousin Ron, the new Hyde Park Produce opened on January 23, 2008. We are a family and we hope you will feel that when you walk through our doors. We welcome our customers to “our Dream!”